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  1. Autocue QStart Teleprompting Software

    QStart teleprompting software from Autocue allows you to easily edit and control scripts on a Mac or PC, and output to a teleprompter or a TriCaster via NDI® (PC version only). Teleprompting will help to:

    • Improve production workflow
    • Reduce production time
    • Strengthen connection with the audience
    • Increase confidence of on-screen talent

    With NDI® enabled, Autocue’s QStart will be recognizable as a source by other NDI® enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network. To help all TriCaster users implement teleprompting, Autocue is offering QStart software free of charge to all NewTek customers. Simply register, install on a compatible system on your network, and enhance your productions with unlimited professional prompting capability.

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  2. LiveText

    If you’re ready to strengthen the visual impact of your productions, then you’ll want to add LiveText to your workflow. Make your productions pop with this remote titling system. Use preloaded templates or build custom graphics and titles, display real-time data, and engage viewers with compelling visual enhancements.

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  3. Box Image

    Titler Live Broadcast delivers first-of-its-kind social media integrations and poll visualization, sports data connectivity and information management from spreadsheets and web connected sources through NDI®. All at a cost and ease of use that makes it accessible to anyone at any size production.

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  4. NewTek Connect Pro

    NewTek Connect Pro converts your IP cameras, webcams, capture card inputs and media files into NDI® video sources for live production. With up to 4 discreet video channels that are configurable as an NDI® input or output. Includes integrated standards conversion, professional color correction tools, 8-channel audio control, production utilities, and support for a range of capture devices.

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  5. NewTek Connect Pro - Monthly Subscription

    Monthly Subscription fee. First month's payment due at checkout and charged to your card monthly thereafter until canceled.
    Transform your workflow, multiply your sources and expand your connectivity options with this multi-purpose software that:

    • Allows you to configure a host computer as a multi-channel video system for IP-based production workflows
    • Supports interoperability between common IP standards to include NDI™, ASPEN, and SMPTE 2022
    • Accommodates up to 4 simultaneous video sources from any combination of hundreds of compatible systems, devices and applications

    A NewTek Connect Pro subscription grants users access to the software license for a nominal monthly fee, along with access to software updates that provide performance enhancements and new features as they become available—with no long-term obligation. Simply subscribe, install on a compatible system on your network, and expand your productions with the complete set of NewTek Connect Pro capabilities.

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  6. NewTek IsoCorder™ Pro

    Record multiple live video input and output sources from any NDI® enabled device on your network. NewTek IsoCorder Pro makes multi-camera editing a breeze with up to sixteen channels of full resolution recording with embeded timecode. You'll never have to miss a shot again. 

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  7. NewTek NDI® Telestrator

    Enhance sports productions, presentations, and video communications with real-time illustrations and visuals delivered over IP from any compatible networked device. NewTek NDI Telestrator provides a user-friendly toolset to draw, diagram, and apply graphics to any NDI® video source for detailed analysis, breakdown and explanation. Learn More
  8. NewTek NDI® Transmit

    NewTek NDI® Transmit lets you use NDI video and audio sources with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, and other video messaging platforms. Replace a simple webcam source with high quality video from your NewTek IP Series system, TriCaster or other NDI enabled device. With NDI® Transmit you can select NDI video and audio sources on your network to use in communication software, presentation applications and streaming encoders that support webcam input. 


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  9. Nixus Celio Graphics System

    Nixus Celio is an NDI® real time graphics system that simplifies the creation of high quality video graphics by using Microsoft Excel for everything from data entry to playout control. With Celio, you have a custom video graphics system that’s easy to operate for sports, news, weather, election coverage, financial reports and more.

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  10. NSport - Sports Graphics System

    A real time 3D broadcast graphics system for applying animated titles to your live sporting event video projects using NDI® Technology. The template driven software is easily configured for various types of sports to display event information, team identification, statisics, scoring, time and other information. NSport can also be used with popular database feeds and scoreboard systems. 

    For Microsoft Windows

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